Major maintenance. Minor repairs. That’s the definition of refurbishing. When Kadet Products refurbishes a piece of equipment, our job is to bring it back to life. We disassemble it, clean the component parts, analyze and troubleshoot, and provide a host of other services which may include parts repair, welding, and resurfacing. Then, we reassemble and deliver it back to our customers in peak performance shape.

RefurbishingRefurbishing is generally less extensive than remanufacturing, but requires special care and expertise nonetheless. Refurbishing can significantly extend the life of your equipment. The cost of refurbishing can save 40-60% over the cost of new equipment.

Your equipment represents a substantial investment, and its smooth and accurate performance affects your productivity and your bottom line. From both an aesthetic and mechanical viewpoint, refurbishing revives a piece of equipment, makes it more productive, adds years to its lifecycle, and saves your company money and time.

Our refurbishing capabilities and equipment include:

  • Thermal Bake-off Oven – 12’L x 6-½ W x 84” H
  • Steam Pressure Washing
  • Steel Shot Blasting
  • Hand Polishing

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