The Kadet Advantage

When it comes to providing full-service industrial repair, remanufacturing and fabrication of equipment, Kadet Products brings value-added services to the table that can give your company an advantage in the marketplace.

  1. Full-service Capabilities. Kadet is your single resource for all your remanufacturing needs. We offer high-end machining, welding and fabrication capabilities, employing the latest technologies to service you better.
  2. Welding Capabilities. We provide comprehensive welding services in-house, which enable us to handle the most complex projects quickly and efficiently. We offer advanced welding technologies and capabilities, such as Gas Tungsten Arc (TIG), Gas Metal Arc (MIG), Shielded Metal Arc (Stick), Submerged Arc Welding (SAW), and Plasma Transferred Arc.
  3. Experience and Expertise. Kadet Products has been partnering with customers for more than 25 years. Our customers trust us to handle their valuable equipment and return it in tip-top shape—every time. Our depth of experience and breadth of services puts us ahead of our competition—and gives you an advantage in your market, too!
  4. Journeymen. Our team is experienced and innovative. We employ expert journeymen welders, machinists and fabricators to serve our customers.
  5. Lower Operating Costs. Remanufactured components can extend their useful life by years at a fraction of the cost of new equipment. And outsourcing the job to Kadet saves money and time.
  6. Enhance Productivity. Equipment that is not functioning at peak efficiency is less productive. Being on a remanufacturing schedule with Kadet keeps everything in top condition and minimized unscheduled downtime.
  7. Free Up Floor Space. Remanufacturing equipment takes up a lot of space and generates no revenue. Outsourcing your remanufacturing needs to Kadet saves space—space that can be used to increase your productivity and bottom-line profitability.
  8. Get the Job Done Right. Remanufacturing is our business—our core business. We keep up with best practices; we’ve invested in the most advanced remanufacturing technologies and we employ the most experienced personnel to get the job done right—every time.
  9. Convenient Pickup and Delivery. If your company is within a 250-mile radius of Indianapolis, we’ll pick up and deliver your equipment to your door. We have a fleet of trucks to handle transport, and each of our drivers has been trained in the proper handling and transportation of assemblies and parts.

You’ve got a lot invested in your equipment. Keep it working at peak efficiency. At Kadet Products, we offer comprehensive, complex and highly advanced remanufacturing services that can affect your company’s productivity, efficiency and bottom-line profitability.

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